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Collecting trays

KaGe collecting trays were originally only used to collect cleaning residues when cleaning facades. Today, thanks to additionally available versions, they can also be used in many other indoor and outdoor locations. Read more...

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These include, for example, filling plants, car boots, car workshops and garages. Whether solids or liquids need to be collected, it doesn't matter: the collection mats do their job reliably.

KaGe collecting tray for facade cleaning and many other uses

Depending on the nature and relevant environmental requirements, you can then pour out the collected substances, vacuum them, wipe them off or sweep them off with a broom. What works for facade cleaning, of course, also fits for a building cleaner and other trades, craftsmen and industry. The surface of the mats is roughened and resistant to many corrosive or otherwise aggressive substances. If the collection tray is used to collect oil or oil-containing liquids, you can choose from a specially oil-resistant variant.

From collection mats to collection trays in just a few moments

A spill mat is initially flat. To turn it into a catch basin, only a few quick steps are needed. The mats are equipped with eyelets and are supplied together with matching cords. To turn the mat into a tray, all you have to do is pull the cords through the eyelets. The tension then causes the mats to take on the desired tub shape with raised edges.

KaGe collecting tray: always easy to transport

When transporting, you have two options. If there is plenty of space available, for example in the loading area of a van, you can simply lay the mats flat on top of each other. If there is limited space in the car, the mats can be rolled up like insulating mats for camping. This ensures the possibility of easy transport and mobile use in any case.

Free-standing and non-free-standing versions available

The collection trays are available in a free-standing and a non-free-standing version. The non-free-standing version is for use on vertical surfaces such as facades. Here, the trays can simply be leaned against the wall. This makes more sense for reasons of the effectiveness of the collection behaviour.

A free-standing tray with four raised edges would create an undesirable free space between the tray and the wall. For use in locations without walls, there is then the completely free-standing version. The oil-resistant variant of the KaGe collecting trays are free-standing models.