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Cement & Plaster

Do you have to plan for long waiting times between the individual work steps when sealing masonry from the inside? Read more...

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After all, it usually takes weeks from applying the slurry and drying the wet or damp wall until it can be re-plastered and the renovation completed, as intermediate layers often have to be applied. However, this is not the case when using AREXAL products! As these are optimally coordinated and can be applied wet-on-wet, plastering, for example, can be carried out directly after waterproofing using crystalline grout - without weeks of drying and waiting time and without additional intermediate coatings. This is an enormous time advantage for you and for every craftsman and specialist company, as it is possible to dry out other properties much faster.

Mineral waterproofing products with over 70 years of experience

The crystalline technology has been continuously developed and improved for over 70 years and offers clear advantages over the well-known and traditional alternatives. Many of the laguz sealing products contain silanes, which cause crystal growth through the pores and capillaries of the structure. The crystals grow by using the surrounding water for their development and displacing excess water from the structure. An indestructible, permanent crystalline layer forms in the structure, filling every pore or capillary and forming a permanent seal against water. With repeated water ingress, the crystals simply continue to grow up to a depth of approx. 20 cm into the material and force the water out again.

Since the crystalline products need the water that has penetrated the masonry, the masonry does not even have to be completely dried out. The layers of the crystalline slurry can be applied wet in wet one after the other and immediately afterwards (approx. 20 minutes) the Restoration plaster to be applied. This represents enormous time and cost savings for the customer and the craftsman.

The advantages are:

  • The masonry is not completely drained = wet-on-wet processing
  • Crystals compact the masonry into a waterproof layer
  • Crystal growth into the structure when water ingresses again

Perfectly coordinated: cement-bonded surface sealing and durable plaster

Rely on the AREXAL system with optimized and coordinated products that keep what they promise. Cement-based and as a plaster that is not designed as a sacrificial plaster and optimally supports the drying process. From 2022, the adapted roof and facade slurry can even be applied directly to old bitumen sheets. Whether for horizontal or vertical sealing - in the laguz waterproof range we offer the right products at attractive prices for all do-it-yourselfers, craftsmen as well as construction and real estate companies. And let's face it, what's good for dams, canals, bridges, roads and runways can't be bad for your projects either!

We are also happy to take care of the professional execution of sealing projects with our competent partners, regardless of whether it is an underground car park, a residential building or factory roofs. Send us your project request and let us find and implement the best solution together!